Mar 17, 2009

Week 21, Jitterbug Perfume, Daffy Yum

Week 21, Mar. 9 – Mar. 16

Page 160

"Our little couple, however, our Alobar and Kudra, remained intact and indigestible, like the hard octopus beaks that sicken the stomachs of whales, causing them to vomit the ambergris that bonds the bouquet in great perfumes. Like octopus beaks, our couple. Or maraschino cherries."

Hilarious sentences, alive with alliteration! I must plunk the radioactive red orbs into drinks several times a shift, and I would rather coat my fingers in the slippery slime of a bleu cheese stuffed olive than paint my fingers with the devilish dye of the red #4 variety! Anybody know if the report of those four maraschino cherries found in Lenin's colon is based on fact? TR wouldn't embellish, would he?



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Mar 9, 2009

Jitterbug Perfume, Week 22, Daffy Yum

Week 21, Mar. 1 – Mar. 8

Page 152

"But what if," asked Kudra, shooting Alobar a meaningful glance, "but what if we decided now to choose life?" "Then choose it," said Pan. Again, Kudra and Alobar exchanged glances. "But would not that anger the gods?" Kudra asked. "Ha ha ha!" The laughter burst out of Pan like the barking of some obscene dog. "Anger the gods? The gods, those that art still around, wouldst congratulate thee for finally catching on." "You mean...?" "I mean that gods do not limit men, men limit men." I felt compelled to type out those lines. I read in a biography that Hunter Thompson would type over entire books of Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, to get the feel of typing good writing. It does feel wonderful. Gem

[Note I couldn’t find the exact page with this quote, so went by the Daffy Yum page/date of the email. MW]


True-dat.... .."gods do not limit men, men limit men"

Michael McMahan

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