Nov 20, 2006

Bloggers don't stop

I need new Music!By wflooter480 I had about $12 and some change so I bought another Tom Robbins book, Still Life with Woodpecker. He's my fav author!! Jeff and I have been on a quest to find some good quality new music. But I don't count new music from old bands, ...who needs plans when they never... -

EAT YOUR TECHNIQUEBy Les(Les) ... it's in your blood, but you're not concerned with it anymore. And then all you do is, you write a sentence and see where it takes you.
You take a trip on the page. You go where it takes you. It's a journey." ~ Tom Robbins.Negative Velocity -

My Life Stood Still with "Woodpecker"By marvel is my pen name(marvel is my pen name) Tom Robbins. It started with me going to a poetry reading where the host, a TA, mentioned the book. I already had a copy of it, due to my experimental ... Tom Robbins is a gonzo-plato. His philosophy is very over the hedge and quirky. ...marvel is my pen name -

You gotta have soul by Tom Robbins
Print article --> --> You Gotta Have Soul - by Tom Robbins --> --> By Tom RobbinsOriginally published on January 11‚ 2005One of my favourite authors... --> --> ..s Images Audio/Vid...
...Melmerize - MySpace Blog -

holiday_wishes @ 2006-11-18T23:41:00By Holiday Wishes(Holiday Wishes) Jitterbug perfume by tom robbins CRUSH- richard siken White Teeth by Zadie Smith Stop Pretending by Sandra Sones i capture the castle by dodie smith MAYBE A MIARCLE BY brian strause Hazards of Good Breeding by Jessica Shattuck
...Holiday Wishes -