Feb 26, 2007

Have you seen your 23 today?

No I don't mean the new movie with Jim Carrey although I am looking forward to seeing that. I'm talking about the number 23, the real star of that movie. Tom Robbins believes as William Burroughs believed that 23 is a special number that shows up in syncronistic ways in our day to day activities. Tom has said that he doesn't get out of bed in the morning until he hears the number 23 on the radio.

The latest example of 23 that I've seen is the story of the sorority that kicked out all it's overweight, ethnic or socially awkward girls. They had 23 girls before they started their jihad against the unseemly. They ended up with 12 skinny white girls, 6 of whom quit in protest at the culling. They plan to use these "attractive" girls to rebuild the sorority into the image of their warped sense of what a sorority should be.