Dec 28, 2007

Bluer Than Indigo, Mr. Robbins, and Darrell Bob Houston

I just happened to read Wikipedia's entry for Jitterbug Perfume a few minutes ago and feel like I've been struck by lightening.  I'm stunned by the irony of the following (most) profound statement appearing in a section called "Trivia" (!?) at the end of the article. Here it is:
"In the somewhat esoteric final lines of the book, note this: "And then you'll be blue. Bluer than indigo." This is based on an old Chinese proverb by Xun Zi: blue dye is made from indigo colored grass, yet the blue dye's color is much deeper than the color of its origin. In other words, the pupil can exceed the master."
I mean...did you know that?
One can't help but wonder if our beloved Mr. Robbins had this in mind as he wrote the words of love and dedication to his brother/friend Darrell Bob Houston, who died in 1984-- the same year that Jitterbug Perfume was published.  The fact that Darrell Bob was an astonishing gonzo journalist and diamond-bright author in his own right adds even more profundity to the pupil/master -- bluer than indigo statement.  It fits so perfectly.
Wishing all of you an astonishing day~

~ PEACE ~ 
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