Feb 24, 2009

Jitterbug Perfume, Week 20, Daffy Yum

Week 20, Feb. 16 – Feb 22

Page 137

"It was encouraging that he would mention a contemporary female, for Pan had begun to live in his memories, an unhealthy symptom in anyone, suggesting as it does that life has peaked. Every daydream that involves the past sports in its hatband a ticket to the grave." Ouch, this hurts a bit. I'm not as old as Pan (having turned 53 years young last October), but old enough to find myself telling the 20-somethings at the restaurant where I work (I wouldn't call myself a genius waitress, but I am a waitress with a Master's degree!) stories from my younger, crazier days. TR's words are a good reminder to stay in the NOW and enjoy creating new stories! Gem

If it's never too late to have a happy childhood, let's get started regenerating our 20-somethings.

Page 138

Renga ding dingThe mortals grow suspiciousYou can live foreverBut not in one place.Kudra and Alobar flee Constantinople. This sort of reminds me of Tom's idea for a tv show about Helen Keller as a detective. Tagline: She's blind, dumb and mute, but she can smell a rat from a mile away.Tom 1Google 0I'm pretty good with Google but I couldn't track down a reference to Basil II breaking cedar boxes over his head. Anybody else know where that anecdote comes from?Bits like Basil II are rabbit holes hidden in Tom's fiction. You can explore them into equally, shall we say, byzantine story tunnels. http://www.nationma ster.com/ encyclopedia/ Image:Basil- II.jpgDale

"They are always in good humor and health...They bathe together. They smile too much...They are often at the act of love..." so obviously they are "Agents of the Evil One"!Alobar and Kudra obviously need this new "depressant drug" (Sorry, don't know how to post a link, but copy and paste works!)http://www.theonion .com/content/ video/fda_ approves_ depressant_ drug_forGem
Thanks for the hilarious link, Gem. And in reality which Onion often mirrors "A depressant drug reportedly taken by such dignitaries as the Princess of Wales, Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles and Donald Trump has been found to cause social upheaval in a colony of laboratory rats. Scientists investigating how the popular drug affects mood and behavior in humans found that it causes subordinate rats to rise up and challenge the authority of the dominant "top rat.""Sounds like some good old chemical-induced outlawism, Robbins style.