Jun 28, 2007

Daffy Yum, Cowgirls, Page 178

Bonanza Jellybean is the finest letter writer I know.  Just listen to this:
Riding the range in the spring sunshine I see my shadow against the grass and I swear that shadow extends far beyond this place. This prairie. This world. It's like my life is sparkling in every direction, through all of space and all of time. You of all people understand.
                                                          I love you.
                                                          Bonanza Jellybean
No matter what our circumstance or station in life, we've all been blessed with just such moments, usually when we least expect them.  In fact, that is precisely when they are most likely to appear.  The moment our expectations and desires fall away we enter a sparkling state of grace that transcends space and time.
That Bonanza Jellybean sure got it right.
Love and a coyote moon to you all~