Jun 16, 2007

Page 166, Cowgirls--The Page That Says It All

(Bantam Edition, 2003) This is the page--the blank page--the page that says it all. The between-the-lines page. The page where clouds burst and secrets spill, and deepest mysteries are revealed.

This is the page of infinite possibilities and alternate universes; the page where clockwork dreams come true.

This page offers without reserve the answers to the really big questions. Secrets of the universe open before you; they are as luminous as swirling stars above the Rubber Rose.

This page is the ultimate temptation. The sultry seductress, the red-hot lover. Quivering, you offer your stolid resistance, but it's no good. Give in to its persistant wiles.

This is the page where outside the lines is all there is. Get out your colors and go wild.

This is the page where Dale's Desert Tortoise snuggles up with The Chink and together they hold court. No question goes unanswered, no fantasy unfulfilled.

Jelly Bean Bonanza and Tom Robbins stretch this page taught between them, offering it to you as a gift. Climb on! They'll toss you higher than that rain cloud, laughing all the while from the sheer joy of it all.

This is the page where Whoopers flourish and dance between every line.

This is the page where everything begins, hesitant and shy; the first step.