Mar 12, 2008

Dr. Tom's Rainy Day(s) Miracle Cure (SLWW, p. 71)

Page 71 of Still Life With Woodpecker holds another essential bit of wisdom to pull out of your rainy day(s) survival kit. Mr. Robbins teaches us how to not only tolerate the rain--but to savor it, dive headfirst into it, jump into (not over) the puddles with both feet and splash around.
Tip: fill your emergency rain survival kit with TR rain quotes such as this one found on page 71:
Actually the rain has many uses. It prevents the blood and the sea from becoming too salty. It administers knock out drops to unruly violets. It manufactures the ladder that neon climbs to the moon. A seeker can go into the Great Northwest rain and bring back the Name he needs.
When you feel yourself starting to go mad with cabin fever after the first few hours/days/weeks/months of rain, remain calm and reach into your survival kit, take out a liberal handful of TR quotes and start reading. Don't stop until you realize that you're hoping that the delightful, soft, wet, sexy rain will never stop.
That's when you know that Dr. Tom's Miracle Cure has come through again. It's powerful stuff and never fails.
Let it rain.
Let it rain.
Let it rain.

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