Oct 26, 2008

Week 3, Jitterbug Perfume, Daffy Yum

Page 14-16

Weality wrote:

My JP pages 14-16 are blank......silence.......kinda reminds me of "a mirror,so faithful and yet so unexpected, is the reflection it can throw back at men that they will go to almost any length to avoid seeing themselves in it, and if its duplicating surface is temporarily wiped clean of modern life's ubiquitous hubbub, they will hasten to fog it over with such desperate personal noise devices as polite conversation, humming, whistling, imaginary dialogue, schizophrenic babble, or, should it come to that, the clandestine
cannonry of their own farting".........pg 234 of FIHFHC :)

Page 17

Carolfly wrote:

"In those days the Earth was still flat, and people dreamed often of falling over edges."

True or not, it makes me wonder what misconceptions currently guide our dreams.

Page 18

Riddleydeena wrote:

Wren, Frol, Alobar, Noog (V'lu, Bingo Pajama, Kudra)...it’s a name banquet! Wish I'd had six children (instead of none) to name. Once, at a book signing in London, I asked TR where the name Kudra came from. He said she had simply turned up for the audition :-)

Beet-juice stained Deena

Dale wrote:

:-) Love it, Deena! Magic animism. Even his imaginary characters are alive. He must have one helluva casting couch.

You know I always figured Kudra was an Indian goddess or something, but I guess not. Does anyone know if it has mythic meaning (beyond Jitterbug Perfume, of course.)?



Page 20

Weality wrote:

"Himself? Self? What did that mean?" AHHH....does Mr. Robbins get anymore direct and existential than that? Have we past this way and addressed this most burning question?
I loves that Jitterbug Perfume.......

Dale Wrote:

Can I has me some Jitterbug Perfume? I laughed at the "Self" remark too. And have often wondered what that is.

Jeanne Moore wrote

Well...I wonder if anyone at all in Alobar's present time ever pondered the true meaning of 'self', that sometimes elusive being that lives beneath our own skin.


Micchaelmcmaham wrote:

".I wonder if anyone at all in Alobar's present time ever pondered"... ....certainly the communal, pod, group, collective conscience was stronger than today,
still, the individual has probably always wondered ...'why me?'....especially in those 'negatives'. ..why did the bear eat my Mom?...why did our neighbors take our corn?
Why’d that coconut fall on my head?

Page 21

"Even in his agitated mood, he could admire this walking flower of intelligent pink, this industry of honey and brine." Ahhhhhhh.... he makes me feel so good about being female.


Michaelmcmaham wrote:

....this industry of honey and brine.

All praise to her in whom such a broad spectrum of flavors exist, a land where there's no lack of biodiversity!!