Jan 13, 2009

Pssst...B is for Beer! Spread the word!

From the very begiinning, Tom Robbins's books have been promoted by readers' word of mouth and passed from hand to hand, even as mainstream literary pundits and critics sniffed and snipped. We the readers changed all that and knew Tom Robbins is not only a creator of happenings--he IS a happening! Readers recognized treasure when they saw it and passed it on. I recieved my own first dog-eared copy of his first book, Another Roadside Attraction from a bearded and bandana'd stranger in Seattle's Blue Moon Tavern over 35 years ago. My life has never been the same, and I know I'm not alone. His books are published, read and loved around the globe in many languages.

This is an opportunity for readers to put into action our gratitude for the delicious delights and profound crazy wisdom Tom Robbins has given us over the years. Let's plaster every nook and cranny, blog to high heaven and spread the word as a gesture of homage to this most esteemed author and his latest romp. If you'd like to join in this grassroots joyride, contact Ecco publishing (who also published Charles Bukowski and Leonard Cohen—a rich tradition) at ecco@harpercollins.com for stickers, greeting cards and coasters to help spread the word, Tom Robbins style. Take pictures, too. We'll post your pictures of creative stickering (they're removable) on the aftrlife and on the flickr group All Things Tom Robbins. ~MW