Jan 26, 2009

The AFTRLife (an acronym for alt.fan.tom-robbins) is a website -- consider it an hom(ep)age -- dedicated to Tom Robbins, the cosmic/comic American author. Tom's nine books embrace a Crazy Wisdom worldview and are written in a complex metaphorical style that is grounded in transcendent nitty-gritty reality. As Tom has pointed out; his novels have plot but don't depend on plot. All in all (is there any other way?) his novels are a real good read.

Come on in and play on the mood swings, do a dervish on the tilt-a-whirl and practice Zen acrobatics on the monkey bars. All suggestions for links or info to include are welcome, and, of course, credit will be given where credit is due. Enjoy!

Dale Kirby, editor. Mary Witter, assistant editor.[Credits & Props]

Snail mail to Tom Robbins, PO Box 338, LaConner, WA 98257

B Is for Beer came out April 21, 2009. It is described as ""hallucinogenic hymn to beer, children, and the cosmic mysteries that sustain us all." Details here. Here's a preview from when it was called Gracie Goes to Schooner School.

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