Jan 12, 2007

Daffy Yum - Day 11 The Hitchiker Always Comes Twice

Tom sums up page 11. "sixty acres of lipstick criminal moonlight"

Thanks to Michael who says, he is glad Sissy came twice. (because she hitchhiked to the Rubber Rose twice)for the inspiration for the title of today's blog post.

Denise has provided a great picture of her homemade tattoo of an amoeba (which is the official mascot of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues) to illustrate...

The Tattoo Incident

Dale... count me in too. ECGTB is perfect since I have the goat w/panties tattoo. I'll even try to do better then I did in our last Yum.

Cool! You can be the official body-art spokesperson of the Daffy Yum.

Well... If I must shoulder responsibility I shall endure it with levity. Can I mandate all Yummers a TR related tat?

Sure mandate away (or womandate if you prefer). Have you had experience
herding cats before? :-)

And all getting tattoos, no less. But i'm in anyway.
Mine will be of the sharpie variety, design tbd.

Hey there Dale. I must say that with the response, so far, that it looks like we shalleth have a nicely sized herd for the Yum. Good thing I know catnip is the trick to cat herding.

The first "tattoo" is in honor of the book's official mascot, the amoeba, on my inner forearm, near the elbow (an easy place to graffiti on oneself). It's adapted from a photo on micrographia.com, colors embellished. I posted a photo in the miscellaneous folder.