Jan 6, 2007

Daffy Yum - Day 5 Hankering

Easy reading today. Just a quote from Aloysius 'Trader' Horn, who also said, "They have a telegraph, though - drums. There's a sound that'll crawl up your spine and down to your gizzard. Maybe you'll hear it one of these days."

The tagline for the 1931 movie, Trader Horn, was WHITE GODDESS OF THE PAGAN TRIBES. THE CRUELEST WOMAN IN ALL AFRICA! Tom referred to his loft-mate in his New York happening days as the "White Queen of the Pygmies". She claimed to be the model for Amanda.

And, of course, John Paul Ziller was born in Africa. The hyenas ate his after-birth. And, Lord, how he could drum.

Seems Tom had a hankerin' for Africa.