Jan 5, 2007

Daffy Yum - Day 4 Cowgirl Rides

I like the way Tom uses all the senses here: breeze on thigh, sage and rose, flies and polka, especially sound. And again he foreshadows the stories with incidental details like "the pile of hairdryers rusting" and the "bird herd."

Bonanaza thinking about the Chink made me think of how the relationship of Tom's women seemed to change with this novel. In ARA Amanda was at least as independent and formidable as the men, but in this one the women are more drawn in terms of the men. Still feminist, but a little less leaders.

I'm going to try to tie the daily reading into my own writing routine. Today I think I'll try listing as many sounds, smells, and tactile sensationas around me and see how to describe them in a meaningful and/or unique way.