Jan 13, 2007

Daffy Yum - Day 12 Outrageousness

As I recall Tom once said that he hoped each of his novels would make even his fans uncomfortable. Well, young girls hitchhiking and getting molested is the issue that makes me uncomfortable in this novel. I know it was written on the cusp between the idealism (and relative safety) of hitchhiking in On the Road. And the freeway horrors of the next 30 years. And I realize that the point of the book is that women can do anything men can. And I realize that Tom says, "Don't be outraged, be outrageous." But this particular theme, of girls hitchhiking, makes me want to put a "For Adults Only" label on these pages. I think it doesn't take into consideration the violent sexual psychosis that has been rampant in America for quite a long time.

So I enjoy the fantasy of Sissy hitchhiking, but I see the sad reality that would make it a bad idea to pursue that fantasy in life.

Still love the book though.