Jan 4, 2007

Daffy Yum - Day 3 Outhouse Musings

I love the way Tom moves into and out of viewpoint on this page. Part of the time he is the storyteller at other times his prose reflects Bonanza Jellybean's speech patterns. Anybody remember who the ultimate voice of this novel belongs to?

One line that made me laugh was, "a photograph of Dale Evans, about which there was some controversy". Oh and the absence of Roto Rooter women. Both things show his gentle take on feminism and yet do make a point.

I put Even Cowgirls into my Blockbuster online queue. Surprise! It's available. :-) I put it at the top but, they're sending me Down in the Valley, an Edward Norton directed movie. I just watched Snakes on a Plane. Pretty highbrow stuff!